Heather was an absolute godsend! Being a first time mom I was really unsure of what to do and how to do it correctly. When I was in the hospital I got conflicting information from different lactation consultants so when I came home I felt very unprepared. Heather is knowledgeable, patient, approachable and realistic; realistic about setting expectations and realistic about the undertaking for mothers that exclusively BF can be. She was in contact frequently to check our progress and encourage both of us. With Covid and distance being an obstacle, she watched videos of her latching, watched her nurse to give us real-time feedback & gave us tips and tricks to try to find what worked for us. Truly Heather helped us establish a BF routine that helped my daughter flourish and alleviated my stress and anxiety about it. I highly recommend Heather to anyone that decides to breast feed, she’s a stellar guide and help.


I can’t thank Heather enough for all the support, encouragement, and hours she poured into me and my three month old. I wasn’t gifted the ability to nurse any of my three babies easily and it had always come with hurdles. As an “experienced” mom it can feel defeating running into struggles that are hard to overcome. Heather was there in my corner helping me come up with a game plan to continue our nursing journey. Her past experience as a nurse AND mom to three was incredibly helpful and we couldn’t have ask for more in an IBCLC. thank you Heather!


Heather is fantastic! Being a first-time mom, I had a lot of questions about breastfeeding and if I was doing everything right. Heather answered questions without judgment and I now feel confident breastfeeding my son. Heather has continued to be supportive throughout the process, following up with me and open to answering questions and providing feedback as needed. I can’t recommend her enough!


I highly recommend working with Heather. She responded to me right away when I reached out looking for some extra help early in my breastfeeding journey, and was able to fit me in the next morning. She came to my house and was a calming and warm presence. She provided helpful advice and a game plan, and then followed up with me via text several times to make sure things were going well and to adjust the plan as needed. She was great!